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Core Modules
MapIT Use Address Café to view your mapping layers online, zoom in, zoom out, pan around, select or search for a particular location or address and print a map.
Optional Modules
ExploreIT Enhance customer access to information by linking the mapping to relevant policy text.
DiscussIT Encourage users to consult online, submit textual and geographic representations ensuring you gain a strong evidence base for future decisions.
SubmitIT Get your potential development sites mapped and submitted directly online, no fuss, no calls, no paper.
FindIT Help people to find the nearest most suitable facility quickly, easily and without the need to phone.
SendIT Gives you the power to select users by their location and then to contact them by SMS and email with important news, updates and information about consultations, applications, facilities, events and emergencies.

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ReportIT Enable faster, more efficient clearing of public incidents such as vandalism, graffiti, fly tipping or street crime by receiving site specific incident reports online. Integrates fully with all leading CRM systems.
PrintIT Save the time, money and hassle of large print runs by enabling your customers to order print quality maps, anytime, any size, any scale.
EditIT A fully featured GIS for the web. Create, edit, manage your data - no need for expensive desktop licenses.
MobileIT Get your users active on the move, make the most of mobile technology with mapping solutions for mobile devices.
Help or more information
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